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So tell us all the delicious details about your wedding. Will it be a grand celebration or a more intimate affair? Will it be Contemporary or more traditional? Do you have some things planned that are unique or different? Perhaps you have some fun details that will set your wedding apart and possibly get you published in a bridal magazine? When is your wedding date? Have you picked out a venue to host your special day yet? Photographers and venues seem to always be the first thing to get booked so it is good to book early because 2012 dates are already being taken!

As far as prices go, we do things a little different than most photographers. Many photographers will have packages that are time tiered meaning the more you spend, the more time you get. Also to build value into the packages photographers mix things you want with things you may not want just to make the package price higher. Some photographers also charge for multiple locations and for travel or even the number of images you get.

So how are we different? Photography is art and when hiring a photographer you are hiring an artist. We price our services like oil painters or sculptures do. You commission us to make beautiful art for you! After all a sculptor would never say "if you want a sculpture carved in 3 hours it will cost you less than a sculpture carved in 5 hours"! The standard commissioning rate includes all of the following:

Beginning to end coverage of your wedding day. From the getting ready memories to when all the scheduled events are done (or people start to pass out) After all, black mail pictures are only useful if one of your guests is going to be the next senator or something, in which case let us know and we will get those images for you as well!

• No image limit (we would never charge you more just so we can take more great pictures!)

• Multiple locations (no extra charges for multiple locations, again why would we charge you for variety? One location may evoke romance while another might just be fun and exciting, so a change of scenery is always welcome)

• No extra charge for Travel up to 450 miles from our studio

• Online proofing (really this one is for selfish reasons because we know that when your friends and family see your pictures they will fall in love with them and also want to book us for their event)

• Super-Fun-guaranteed-to-evoke-emotion Wedding memories slideshow

• Free Sessions for life (As your family changes we never charge you a session fee ever again, it is our way of saying thank you and we promise to do a good job for you because we want your business long term not just for one day!

• 1 yr picture protection (images archived on and off site 1 yr)

• Minor retouching/enhancement (studio’s discretion)

• And your choice between 1 of the following options: A.) Archival DVD (includes 800 high res images lightly enhanced and burned to DVD plus personal printing rights) OR B.) $1,000 starter Album credit (will purchase approx a 20pg album) Additional pages can be purchased at a discounted rate OR C.) $1,000 print credit

Extras and add-on’s can be purchased on an a la carte' basis so you can have exactly what you want (subject to availability)! Some of these include:

• 2nd shooter upgrade $500

• 1hr photo booth $250 per hour

• Wedding Adventure (fun, fashionable formals in several different locations that express your personality like a river bed, a meadow, or an amusement park just think fun! $500 ($1,200 if purchased without booking us for your wedding)

• Canvas cluster (price depends on size of cluster and number of canvas prints)

• wax wall art (price depends on size picture and wax art process)

Also, check out our E-motion packages for our new Video services:

• E-motion Audio (We capture speeches, vows, and interview guests then overlay the audio into your slideshow) $500

• E-motion Video (We record both stills and 6-10 second video clips of your wedding day and mix them together in either an album or a slideshow)$500

• E-motion wedding trailer (2-5 minute wedding video includes E-motion Audio and video from wedding day or wedding adventure) includes wedding adventure $1,500

• E-motion full featured Wedding video (10-30 minute wedding video several styles available) includes wedding adventure $2,500

I would love to visit with you more and listen to what you are looking for and how we can help make your wedding memorable, fun and stress-free. Feel free to give me a call at 970-564-1034, otherwise have a terrific day and I look forward to hearing from you!

Elliot Anderson

Legacy Imagery

P.S. Discounts, coupons, specials, freebies;

Many couples ask us if we give discounts or ever run wedding photography specials. We always give discounts to our local hero’s and Civil servants (fireman, police, military, etc). On occasion we have given couples a special discount for getting married locally (four corners area) or for having an off-peek season wedding! We understand every bride is different and may need special custom treatment so if you LOVE our work but are not sure if you can afford us, give us a call anyway, we just might surprise you!