1. When is the best light for pictures?

Yes and no, this is one of those fun trick questions! The best natural light for pictures is evening light about 1 hr before sunset to aprox 20 min after it has completly set. (Sunrise is also gorgeous but it comes very early in the morning!) .

Other beautiful light occurs just after it rains, on cloudy days, or anywhere that open shade can be found! That being said a good photographer can shoot in just about in light and get gorgeous images just check out the photographs we took in a cave at glenwood caverns in our gallery!

(FYI sunset time is calculated by when the sun first touches the horizon in any given area)

2. How much time do you need for family and formal pictures?

That entirly depends on how many and what pictures are important to you! We like too have at least 2-3 hours. That may seem like a long time but part of the reason we can get such fun, amazing, different images is because the couples gave us enough time to play and move around from one location spot to another! The other thing to consider is how many family pictures do you want? Family pictures can go quickly or they can drag on and on depending on howmuch family you have and how many different poses you want with people who are in similar pictures. IE: Bride w/groom and Grooms parents ~ Bride w/ grooms parents ~ Bride w/ mother of groom ~ Bride w/ father of groom ~ Groom w/mother ~ Groom W/father ~ Groom w/father&mother ~Groom w/ parents and grandparents ~ Bride w/groom and his parents and grandparents~ etc... As you can see, even reading it takes forever! Combining some of the family members into larger groupings can be a huge time saver!

We can do pictures in less time but then you might be miss out on a super cool spot or a unique photo op!

3. Was the orange named after the color or was the color named after the fruit?

We have wondered the same thing and speaking of oranges, carrots are more orange then oranges so why aren’t they called oranges?

4. I don’t like posed pictures do I have to do these?

What most brides mean by this is they don’t like pictures that make them look posed unnaturally. One of the reasons you hire a professional photographer is because a true professional will have a firm knowledge of what angles and body positions will make your body look it’s absolute best. Proper posing can make a person look skinnier, hide imperfections, enhance assets, and can be very pleasing to the eye! However just because you are posed doesn’t mean you still can’t look natural and have FUN! In fact we like our posing style to look like we were just at the right place at the right time! We like to create situations where the desired expression might occur and then offer some light direction to make sure you look your best! Nobody will ever guess that the picture hanging in your living room of the two of you playing kiss tag was really a set-up!

5. Should we see each other before the wedding?

Absolutely, positively, 100% for sure YES! Why are we so adamant about this? There are some pros to seeing each other during the ceremony but the advantages to seeing each other before hand far outweigh the negatives (in our humble opinion). Some of the advantages to pictures beforehand are;

*your guest’s don’t get bored waiting on you

*you have more time to visit with family and friends you haven’t seen for a long time

*you have more time to get more gorgeous images at different locations

*makes the day more relaxed and run smoother

*get’s rid of ceremony jitters

*pictures are more fun and less stressful

All that being said we always make the first encounter very romantic by blindfolding the groom and allowing the bride to sneak up on him for the big reveal! This really escalates the excitement and brings out powerful emotions!

6. What is a classic wedding adventure?

What hobbies do the two of you have? What are your interests? Do you want to get some amazing images without having to worry about keeping the dress clean? A wedding adventure is a super fun very special session in your formals before or after the wedding day that is tailored to fit your personalities and interests! Some of fun wedding adventures we have had are: in a sunflower field, fly fishing in a river, on a runway strip, in a train yard, at an amusement park, on a golf course, at a junkyard, even in a cave!

7. What is an alternative wedding adventure?

These photographic sessions can be gifts for your significant other and may include; engagements, fashion bridal, fashion groomal, trash-the-dress session, swimsuit session, boudoir session, romantic couple session, and pin-up boudoir session.

8. My guy doesn’t like to have his pictures taken do you offer stand-in’s, look-a-like’s or stunt doubles?

Unfortunately this service is only available for the kissing shots, in which case the photographer will change places with the groom! For the rest of the pictures, we distract the groom enough that he doesn’t even know where getting amazing images of him!

9. Do we need the second photographer upgrade?

The need for a second photographer depends mostly on;

A. How big your wedding party is,

B. If you are having a photobooth,

C. If you want the added security of two people capturing your special day giving you more protection against lost or improperly exposed images,

D. If you want two different perspectives of your wedding. Typically we recommend two photographers for weddings larger than 150 guests.

10. Can guests take pictures while the commissioned photographer is shooting?

Formals ~ We ask that guests please refrain from shooting while the commissioned photographer is shooting so guests aren’t confused as to which way to look. The commissioned photographer usually allows a couple of seconds in between groupings for keepsake photos. Ceremony ~ Please have the officiate ask guests to remain seated during the ceremony so the commissioned photographers can do their jobs! It is really frustrating when a guest pops up right in front of the commissioned photographer during special moments like the first kiss! All other times ~ No problem, just remind your guests to kindly allow room for the commissioned professional

11. Do you offer any kind of discounts?

Yes! We offer a military/civil servant discount and a hometown discount for our local weddings! If you are on a really tight budget and want beautiful formals but do not care necessarily about the getting ready, ceremony, or reception shots then we offer a fashionable formals discounted session. The fashionable formals is just formals and does not include any other pictures of the wedding day. If you have something really unique or fun then we may consider throwing in some FUNtastic freebies!

12. Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel is included in our standard commissioning rate up to 450 miles from our studio.

13. Do you really pay us for a destination wedding?

YES! We will give you a studio credit equal to the amount you pay for our travel. (does not apply do discounted destination wedding packages)

14. If you wear an antenna to a wedding would the reception be better?

We think so Ha Ha! (okay bad joke)

15. How much do you need for a deposit?

We require 1/3 down to reserve your date. The next installment is due half way between booking and wedding date. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the wedding.

16. Do I have to pay for upgrades like albums before the wedding?

We understand being on a budget so anything in addition to the standard commissioning rate can be purchased with interest free monthly payments after the wedding.