Who we are – We are a small family studio based in Cortez, Colorado. We use the term based loosely because we are always having fun photography adventures often everywhere but Cortez! Photography has been our full time career and only source of income since we first opened our studio in 2004. Elliot is the lead shooter and is a third generation photographer. He often reminisces about first seeing the magic of photography in his dad’s old darkroom. (For those of you who do not know what a darkroom is, we will save this discussion for a blog post at a later date!) Elliot is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and has earned a master of photography certification through the I.F.P.O. Some of Elliot’s portraiture has earned merits through the P.P.A. He has been a guest on Denver’s fox 31 Martino TV wedding special! All of Elliot’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the real jewel of the studio, his gorgeous wife Wendy! Wendy is also a photographer and a Photoshop genius! Wendy is devoted to our customers and their unique tastes. As such she is always on the look-out for hottest products, latest trends and super fun techniques in the photography industry. She has an adoration for the art she creates and is obsessed with making every piece, a masterpiece. Wendy is also the marketing wiz, social networking guru, exceptional mother, the brains, the beauty and overall most important part of legacy Imagery! We also could not do what we do without incredible family support and fantastic employees who work their tails off everyday for us and for you!

Our experiential style – (not to be confused with experimental!) Many photographers say they LOVE photography, they have a passion for it, it is the very reason they were put on this earth! While we too really enjoy a career behind the lens, there is so much more to photography than the images. The story the picture tells. The powerful emotions felt when the picture was made . . . then remembered. The tears, the laughter, the love. We want the experience of getting a picture made just as memorable as the image itself.

How we roll - We do not just say stand still, right here, with your hand like this . . . We say dance then have a passionate kiss! We don’t just hide behind a bush and pop off shots like the paparazzi . . . We create situations where a desired expression might occur then tweak them slightly to make you look your absolute best. If we like it, we snap the shutter! If we don’t then we move it, hide it, light it, tickle it, cover it, direct it, or crop it until we like it! We don’t always know the end result, we just know it will be beautiful!

Holiness to the lord – We are thankful for the opportunity we have to make people smile for a living and for the countless blessings our heavenly father has poured out upon us. We adhere to the motto “Choose the Right” and believe that without God, we would most assuredly fail. We recognize people come from all walks of life and may not share our belief in God. As such, we will be respectful of your beliefs, and ask only in return that you be respectful of ours. We are grateful for God’s love and support, and will always try to conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and in a way that would be pleasing unto him